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Chunky Download Button (PSD)


Introducing your latest free psd file, a chunky download button! This button would be great for any site with a download section, or indeed for use as any standard action button.

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  • bruno says:

    I like that little 10px highlight on the bottom of the nav/top of the sub-nav. Unique and stylish. I have always been curious about the extra padding at the bottom of sub-nav blocks though. Seems like it shouldn’t work, but it seems to balance the whole thing nicely or something. Anyway, keep up the good work.

    Have you considered coming up with a variety of nice palettes for us? Kuler only takes me so far. I’d like to see some 8-10 color palettes that aren’t based on formulas y’know?

    Thanks again for all the hard work Oliver. Love the site.

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